Farewell Cascadia (for now) – a photo dump

In the end of January I moved away from Greater Vancouver, BC, and while I hope to return some day the future is open. I think the Pacific Northwest will always have a very special place in my heart. Anyway, while checking through my phone I found (as one does) a bunch of photos. Most […]

A couple of (not really) supernatural pictures found on my phone

I had some time over the other day and decided to look through that heap of randomness and lacking recollection that is the smartphone gallery archives. Among them were two taken last summer near my childhood home in western Sweden. Both looking somewhat otherworldly. The top one by choice; while hiking we crossed a road […]

A brief update for the new year: 2011

So, here is one of those oops-I-haven’t-updated-the-webpage-the-last-few-months kind of rants. Usually try to avoid them – else they would be the majority of texts I would write. Anyway, a few months between posts are healthy, and probably more of a rule than an exception on these pages. As the year is new (2011) I thought […]

Bike build

I spent some of my spare time during the spring at the UBC bike kitchen, building a bike from parts. I realized that the bicycle has been my primary vehicle for the last 15 years or so, but that I couldn’t do much more than fix a flat tire. Figuring that the best way to […]

In Ylivieska

So, now it’s been almost a month again without me writing anything. I can only say that I have had a lot of things going on. Most notably, I have temporarily moved from Ireland to Finland in order to help out with a software project for about three months. I have joined University of Oulu, […]


I skymningen åker vi längs de små slingrande vägarna över Wicklow och Dublin mountains. Januari är snart slut. Det har varit en vacker dag med klarblå himmel, en himmel som nu går från djup, nästan lila färg till röd och orange där solen går ned. De runda, kala kullarna är siluetter runt omkring oss. Nere […]

An update

Hi whoever, anyone, it has been some time since I wrote anything. Two crazy, busy months have gone by since I moved to Maynooth. Things are settling down a bit now however. I found a place to stay, and am currently focusing on my work quite a lot. There are one thousand and one things […]


Just a short note: I have arrived in Maynooth, Ireland. Met most of the staff here and everyone seems really nice and helpful. Now I only have to find someplace to stay. -L


I haven’t put up any non-research texts online since sometime around 1996, when I for some reason wrote a bunch of movie reviews. Got a wave of inspiration to write when moving to Germany a few years back, and thought a lot about it. But nothing happened. Which is standard I guess. There is a […]