An update

Hi whoever, anyone, it has been some time since I wrote anything. Two crazy, busy months have gone by since I moved to Maynooth. Things are settling down a bit now however. I found a place to stay, and am currently focusing on my work quite a lot. There are one thousand and one things to do it seems. In any case, it is going great. I have dome some pretty interesting research, have plans for much more, and also have had time to learn about CUDA. I hope that I will have a bit more time to relax after Christmas. I really want to get around to see Ireland a bit during the weekends. Problems now are the rainy and sort of half boring weather unfortunately. Much more comfortable to stay indoors and work.

I have had time to do some non work related things of course. I have met a bunch of interesting people working and studying here of course. So, not all evenings were in the lab, a couple of them I found myself having a beer after work in one of the small pubs here. I haven't had the time to read as much as I wish, but did, in any case, finish The Science of Discworld III by Terry Pratchet, Ian Stewart and Jack Cohen. I never got around to write a full review of it, but the bottom line is that I like it. Maybe not as much as the first book in the series, but it is on par with the second and well worth a read.

In TV-like news, the fifth series of BBC's excellent QI has also started. I think all or most shows can be found on the youtube, so if you have not seen it go there and have a look. You will not find a more interesting quiz/trivia/humour/something program. If you want to watch something more serious, I can recommend this recording of Lessig's alpha lecture on corruption. This is an interesting talk, and although it focus on the American system I believe it is just as important for any European to ponder over these issues. If you do not know who Prof. Lawrence Lessig is, I can only say that in my view he is one of the pioneers of Internet freedom and were adressing a lot of the questions on digital copying and law while someone like myself was still getting aware of them back in the mid 1990's.

There has also been a lot of news and things I have been thinking of commenting on, but work has been taking up much of my time, so all of that is probably too old now anyway.

In any case, going to upload this and make another permanent dent in the web.