I haven't put up any non-research texts online since sometime around 1996, when I for some reason wrote a bunch of movie reviews. Got a wave of inspiration to write when moving to Germany a few years back, and thought a lot about it. But nothing happened.

Which is standard I guess. There is a hurdle, at least for me. Setting up a web-space … actually write something, posting it and then repeat. Seems unlikely. In addition, the blog phenomena was really hot back then and was getting into the main stream media, and well that is not what I wanted to do. Web logs have been around since the Net was born. I just could not get myself to do it at that time. Either be there 5 years before…. or wait 5 years until it has cooled down.

Now, that I am moving again, to yet another country, I will try to put up some stuff here for friends and family. As well as for whoever else happens to come here, of course. Though I will try to stay out from the search engines, and away from the so called "blog sphere". I hope this will be more of a personal homepage than a blog. Longer texts that are edited, less frequent updates, not spewing out the first thing that comes into my head. Let us see what happens, and for how long I actually do write.