Steam punk in main stream fashion soon?

Just a quick note on something that I have been thinking about the last few weeks, and that I ended up discussing with some friends online today. If the main stream fashion will be going steam punk soon. I think it will be one of the next big trends. Of course the cloths and extras will not be as cool or extreme as the current subculture trend, but I do think we will see brass, and 1870-1920 styled stuff. I think it could be pretty cool, although I assume the real steam punks will not agree.

The reason that I am speculating in  this is the huge online interest in steampunkish equipment lately. People are making their own retro-looking computers, media players and cloths. Fashion trends usually start as from sub cultures, and alternate techies are cool nowadays. OK, so this is what I think. Let us see if it turns out to be true.


It didn't become true, did it?