Bike build

IMG_4206.jpg I spent some of my spare time during the spring at the UBC bike kitchen, building a bike from parts. I realized that the bicycle has been my primary vehicle for the last 15 years or so, but that I couldn't do much more than fix a flat tire. Figuring that the best way to learn was to get my hands dirty I bought an used frame, and a mismatching fork for a few dollars and started going to a build your own bike class.

It was loads of fun and I learned a lot!

I tried to recycle as much used stuff as I could by scavenging the workshop-bins for used parts, or buying second-hand around Vancouver. I did end up using some new parts as well, either because I could not find a suitable used part in time, or because (for the wheels and break pads) it felt safer: the wheels are new (the rear one I built from scratch, with new rim and spokes, but with a used hub), as are the tires, and the cranks for instance. Derailleurs, seat, frame, fork, brakes (not the pads of course), handlebars, and a lot of other parts where second-hand though. Trying to rummage around for good but used parts was really fun!

Yes, I would like to build a second bike. There is so much I learned and that I would like to improve. My first build did not turn out the most ergonomic one, though it is really fun to ride, so I want to have another go. Keeping my eyes open for a nice used frame and some funky parts. Doesn't seem to be any rush this time.

Some picture below with details in the captions.


IMG_4209.jpg IMG_4211.jpg IMG_4215.jpg IMG_4216.jpg IMG_4218.jpg IMG_4225.jpg IMG_4231.jpg