Useful Software: Todoist

I have to confess that I am not a typical todo-list person. I wish I was, but as with much else I lack the discipline… even to make todo-lists.

I do try however, and I found that a digital version of my list of things to fix, stored up somewhere in the cloud is pretty neat.  There is a bunch of them out there of course, and I have to admit I have not even looked at most of them. I stumbled on todoist a couple of years back and has been using it since.

The key feature of this software, lacking in many other similar applets is the possibility to construct hierarchical lists. For persons like me who might write down "Build  simulation system for <something or other>"… or "Construct telescope" as a thing to do; and then realize that this is a one year project… that can be divided into a number of sub-projects, each one with a set of tasks to be accomplished… well, a hierarchy-feature is worth a lot. Very good to write down ideas and projects.

Tasks can also be colour coded, sorted, seached and, time stamped. I use some of these features. Not all.

Another nice feature is todoist-anywhere which is a javascript thingy that plugs in to the browser bookmark bar, and also integrates into gmail. Thus, there is no need to keep a todoist tab open the whole time.

All in all I am quite happy with the software. It is free of course, and rather useful. As I wrote above, I did not do any survey on todo-software, but until I discover something even better I can only recommend this one.


I have since switched to emacs org-mode.