A brief update for the new year: 2011

So, here is one of those oops-I-haven't-updated-the-webpage-the-last-few-months kind of rants. Usually try to avoid them - else they would be the majority of texts I would write. Anyway, a few months between posts are healthy, and probably more of a rule than an exception on these pages. As the year is new (2011) I thought I would post an update in any case.

I am still living in beautiful Vancouver and working as a post doc for the UBC. My research focus has changed a bit however in a very exciting direction: I am currently working with processes on scale-free networks related to disease spread. This has given me really wonderful opportunities to learn more about mathematical epidemiology and network theory. Very interesting stuff but lots to learn. Another reason why I have neglected my web space.

Been feeling an urge to write lately, but nothing really finished yet. Joined a non-fiction creative writing group back in October 2010 and much of my writing time went in there. The aim was to edit a few of the texts I wrote during that time and put up here, but not really happy with those texts. Yet. More editing needed. Funny that because some of the book reviews I've uploaded have been more or less un-edited, and some quite bad when I've gone back and re-read them. Be that as it may, one day I will work my way through these all posts and edit. Perhaps.

In any case, I hope to have some essays I've been working on posted during the next few months.

I have of course been reading and I meant to whip up quite a few reviews (bunch of fiction, some non fiction, including Kurzweil's The singularity - very disappointed) during the Holiday break… but chance intervened and instead of a clean writer's desk I ended up with the engineer's workbench. IMG_5040-300x194.jpg

A couple of years back I bridged a wi-fi network home in Sweden using a pair of Linksys GL routers, directional antennas, and the excellent dd-wrt firmware. Just when I returned to my house for some relaxing time off something decided to stop working. Finding the error was easy: power supply. To fix/build/adapt a new one wasn't too easy out in nowhere. In the end everything worked out however.

In any case, now all is back to normal, and I am back to work. I hope to have something more interesting posted soon. Hopefully a bunch of short book reviews at least.

'till then!