A string of new book reviews

A while back after reading a book - Bill Bryson's brilliant One Summer - America 1927 - I spontaneously sat down at my computer to write something about it. This made me realize that

I haven't put any reviews up  here in a long time, not since 2010. I stopped for some reason when moving to Europe from Canada and then never picked it up again. I haven't stopped reading however. I many ways I've read more than ever, and as I had some time during January I tried to come up with what books I've read. Made a list of the ones that popped up first (which are the most recent ones plus some that left me with an impression or an opinion), and wrote a short review of each. I'll be posting them here starting tomorrow. If you subscribe to my RSS for something important I apologise in advance. I'll be spreading them out; one pre week.

When making an inventory of the books I was able to recall I was happy to discover that about half of them are fiction. Specifically science fiction, which I have read more and more again the last few years (after being big on it in my teenage years and early twenties). I think it is one of the most important genres these days as it has the power to capture the relationship between society and technology, and model scientific ideas and speculative questions of importance if done right.

The rest of the books are of course from my dear, versatile non-fiction, covering computation of course, but also many other things.

If someone want to read it. Enjoy.