Ariel Waldman » Adults Are The Future

Ariel Waldman » Adults Are The Future: A very nice post about the importance of allowing adults to take part in science - at any level - and about not getting stuck in a role.

Personally I think I was at my most limited in my views of myself and what I was supposed to do in my early and mid twenties. Before that my imagination as a child and dreams as a teenager walked many paths. But I got out of university with a very specific skill set in mind, I told myself what I was interested in and what I knew and wanted because I thought the time for study was up.

I was wrong; slowly, step by step my restlessness moved me out of my Computer Science sub field, then to other interests. Got me reading other things, wanting to know more. Philosophy, history. Physics. Not only CS. What Waldman writes does not only go for science but for any type of interest and for all knowledge.  Kids are important for the future too (after all it is theirs), but adults, with their longer life experience are needed to prepare it. Adults got to keep dreaming, wandering (?) and exploring. Especially in the sciences. And especially when they have another background. Adults must not be stuck in the belief that they have stopped growing.