One year of reviews

One year and one day ago I announced a string of new book reviews . My usual habit of writing a brief (or not so brief) post about the books I was reading had stopped. In effect I hadn't done any reviews for three and a half years. It was time to do something about it. My aim was to write up short reviews from the notes I had and post those here. I decided to do one per week for as long as they lasted (I estimated half a year or so). When I ran out of notes I wrote reviews from memory, and when I read new books I reviewed them as well.

I has now going on for twelve months, which pleases me immensly and seems like a good point to slow down on the pace a bit. I haven't yet reviewed all books I've read, but my backlog is soon cleared up. Time to go back on an irregular review-posting schedule.

One thing I learned from this experiment is that I enjoyed having a personal publishing deadline set up. One thing per week. On Tuesdays; the Internet is a bit quieter on Tuesdays. I won't be able to do it with reviews (too slow a reader). But perhaps something else…

Let's see.