The Cloning Wars, Episode 1: The Cut

Led by my curiosity I attended The Open Science Network's introduction lab - The Cloning Wars, Episode 1: The Cut tonight and had a lot of fun. If you live in or around Vancouver, B.C. I can really recommend going if you are at all interested in learning about DNA and basic lab skills. The Open Science Network is a Community Bio (hacking) lab, with a lot of skill, and a very friendly attitude towards people like me who show up with only the faintest idea of what the bio scene has to offer.

Like I wrote, loads of fun, and quite interesting.

Figure 1: The Lab.
Figure 2: The bench.
Figure 3: The group.
Figure 4: Steadying my hand so I won’t shake the DNA+Enzymes+the other stuff all over the gel. Apparently people get better at it.
Figure 5: About 100 V.
Figure 6: Good labs have cold snacks close by.
Figure 7: Results! My four ones at the top.