Worth A Listen: BBC World Service - Discovery, Future of Solar Energy; Also Planet Money on the Solar Panel Market and Batteries

BBC World Service has an episode of the Discovery podcast1 up called Future of Solar Energy, focusing on Perovskite materials. It is quite interesting and well worth a listen if you are curious about (as you well should be) one of the many things going on in photovoltaic.

Which reminds me, the quite excellent Planet Money podcast published a show back in April about the growing solar power industry in the USA. That one is not about the frontiers of research but instead about how the stable old fashioned, market-leading silicon cells has finally gotten into the energy market for consumers, and why an installation is suddenly affordable for more people. (Oh, and they also made an episode about the market of batteries , which is - as the Discovery podcast mentions - the other piece of the puzzle. Storing energy.) Worth a listen!



Yes I know, these are produced by Radio corporations. Some people might not count them as 'true' podcasts. But, they are freely available online, and aggregated in my player. I'll call them podcasts. Professionally produced podcasts, yes, but also an excellent way for public radio to reach more listeners!