Web page revamp

The site has revamped. Including the RSS, I hope I did not break your feeds.

I didn't post anything on these pages for a very long time. Couple of years, I think. I might write an update one of these days.

In any case, around mid summer I found myself with an unplanned few weeks of nothing and decided to spend one of them revamping the web pages. The first results is what you see here. Most of the old stuff is till around, but I now rely on static pages (generated from org-mode sources, because that is how I have been taking notes the last few years).

WordPress, which the site ran on previously, worked brilliantly for most things, and I am sure my own quite limited knowledge and skill (not to mention interest, sadly) in web design can never reach some of the aesthetics of the most basic plugins I could just have dropped in under WP.

Still, I had gone around mulling a revamp for a couple of years already. First, my WP login pages got hammered, day and night, by scripts trying to break in. Of course I employed IP blocking, et c, et c, and had a strong password. Nobody ever got it, but it was annoying to see the logs over and over. Second, PHP has always turned me off as a programming language, so instead of fixing some issues I had with the previous page I just felt apathy and ran with it. (Well, not sure I will be saner with Emacs lisp, but at least I feel that I can script-process my static pages, if I really want to.) Third, given that this is just me putting out words in the void, WP was overkill.

Yeah, perhaps I'll get famous one of these days and really regret not having a comment section. Feel free to point it out when that happens.