nbcorg - jupyter notebook to emacs orgmode exporter

While updating these pages back last summer, I took a brief detour to write an exporter from jupyter notebooks to Emacs orgmode. I haven't written much about it here before, but jupyter notebook is one of my go-to tools for data analysis and prototyping.

At the same time, use orgmode for note taking, journaling, these pages, and so on. Now and then it becomes necessary to convert from jupyter to org. Jupyter notebooks can be exported to org via the fantastic pandoc program. However, I wanted to be able to treat code blocks in jupyter as org-babel source, and also be able to choose how to import latex, markdown, and other content to the org-file. This lies outside the scope of pandoc, so I decided to write my own nbconvert exporter plugin, called nbcorg.

You can install it from pypi using pip install nbcorg.

After installation there will be new org targets are available under the jupyter export menu option, as well in for the standard jupyter nbconvert command line program.

It's still in an early version and has been available on github and pypi since July, but I thought I'd finally mention it here as well.