Oh, right, I have a web page!

A long time ago, in the blogging ages - that would be ten or twenty years ago, I guess - posts denying one's own demise as a blogger made up something like half all new daily web pages (well, almost). You know, the posts going Hey, long time since I posted, I'm still here, more soon!

Moss growing on an old stump.

So, well I am still around, somewhere, and to my mild surprise I have a web page. Well, I know I do; I set it up and wrote some scripts, after all, and I keep it open in a tab (so not that surprised, really). Additionally, I'm have been aware of it annually as my hosting provider ramps up the charges (going to have to make some changes there). Crucially, every time I think of something to write my thoughts go here.

Looking back at the log it reads like the pandemic killed my writing web page posts, but consulting my drafts folder, not really. I stopped finishing texts. Well, more so than usual. Looking around I can see a draft from summer 2020 about my predictions for teaching in and after the pandemic. Something about the rights of robots (well, anthromorphised or programs integrated into society, or considered 'alive' in some sense, really) and other stuff that I must have started now and then. Some meant for these pages and some just to get them out of my head (like casting a spell).

Anyway, during this autumn I began considering finishing stuff again and perhaps even uploading it here. Not sure what prompted me, boredom perhaps? Perhaps a lot of new thoughts over the last couple of years I haven't done anything else than noting down on paper. I've spent about a year and a half reading research about language models and thinking about computer education, and messing around with courses and quizzes, and recent events reminded me about some stories I tried to write a decade ago, and… and then at some point I thought could I actually take some of those notes and put it somewhere?

Mind you, thinking is not doing, but now over the last couple of days of 2022 that grew strong enough to revisit my web page. I guess not even this text won't go up until 2023, but, well, at least I got started.

I'm still around.

More soon ?