Old Man's War by John Scalzi

One of the best things on the commercial side of the Internet the last few years is the Humble e-book bundles. The count is two at the time of writing, both curated by Cory Doctorow, both containing top titles in SF and Fantasy. The books are sold using a pay-what you want model, part of the proceeds go to charity, and above all the books come DRM free! That last part is very important, moving between countries and continents the last decade I've seen most of the ugliness that geo-blocking and device locking can do. I have got an e-book reader (a kobo), but before the humble bundle I used it for Gutenberg titles and aggregated news. The bundle changed that, and now there's Angry Robot and a few other companies as well offering usable electronic books. (Yes, I know that Tor is DRM free now, but until they have a world-wide marketplace I'll be buying hard copies.)

Right, this blurb was supposed to be a few lines on Scalzi's Old Man's War, not a rant on the current state of ebooks. Like I said, it was part of a bundle, and also the first of the books I read. It is an entertaining, perhaps somewhat military science fiction. In the future, senior citizens are given a new life in the army. Drafted at pension age (or somewhat older). They know they will serve in the intergalactic war, and they know they can not come back to earth. But everyone wants a second chance right? A very entertaining book. Exciting, and quite funny at times.