Sam and Max Season 2, Episode 1

So… a few weeks ago Sam and Max Season 2 started, and I just had to get the first Episode. It is suitably Christmas themed, Santa has gone bananas, but.. who is behind it all? Again there seems to be a very nice overall story to the season plot. The game however, start off with a giant Robot thrashing the neighbourhood, you will have to deal with that first. There is also an option to play a simple tutorial before starting the "real" episode, which could be nice if you are new to the game.

Judging from the this Episode, the second season even more polished than the first one. There is again a very nice musical theme and the dialogue is very worked through. Lots of good humour and references to past, present, and future Christmases. All the favourites from the first season is back, possibly also the people you didn't want to see again, as well as some new welcome faces. My favourite is a small rat with the Tourette syndrome. (Something one should not joke about in the real world, but in this context it is a real comical hit.)

I am really looking forward to Episode 2, just to give anyone reading this the heads up. It is worth buying!

Lastly, I just wanted to say that my bonus DVD from Season 1 has arrived, though I have not had the possibility to have a look at it yet. In any case, the fears I had while writing that review was uncalled for. It arrived fast and without any extra customs charges.