The Information by James Gleick

This is in short a fantastic book. Interesting as little else and extremely well written. You may think it is obvious for me to say such a thing, with my interest in computation, simulations, signals, life, universe, and everything.  Well, sure, but the way Gleick describes the concept of information is very lively. An inspiring read which in several regards broadened my horizons. I did for example decide to read both Wigner and Shannon (and not only pick up their theories from other people's textbooks) again. I must be clear to point out however: this is a book written for almost everyone. It is not an academic text, but very accessible science non-fiction. That I geek out (as the kids call it today) over it is not the main thing.

I will confess that it has been about three years since I read The Information so I can't be too specific of the contents. Things fade quick from memory, and I no longer recall where the book has influenced me, instead its ideas are mine. I am sure there are sections which are less good, but I can not recall them. My memory is only that of a good book. You too should read The Infomation; its greatest strength is the motivation and curiosity it infects its reader with.