The Sacred Balance by David Suzuki, Amanda McConnell, and Adrienne Mason

David Suzuki is of course known around the world, but in his native Canada he holds special status. He has long made nature shows for television, campaigned for ecological solutions, against clear cutting of forest, for sustainable fishing, and other equally important issues.

Just before moving away from BC in 2011 I started reading The Sacred Balance. While I already admired Suzuki for his work, I was interested in learning more about his thoughts, philosophy, and the environmental foundation named after him. The book provides as much, and more. Mixed with personal stories are the roots of environmentalism, a lot of information about ecology and biology, and discussions on the importance of living in balance with the nature. As the title hints at Suzuki et al. also try to tie the thoughts of living within our bounds and in balance with nature, to the sacred - the knowledge of religion and traditions. This could be a tricky path to follow, but they solve things by treating traditions and religion as carriers of human wisdom rather than divine truths which is a very good call in my opinion.

An interesting book, and one that leaves me both aware of my environmental sins (flights home to my family a few times per year), frightened, as well as hopeful.