The Singularity is Near by Ray Kurzweil

I was very disappointed by this book. In the end I guess it was due to my own expectations. Having heard and understood the concept of the technical singularity well before I read the book, I found it interesting in concept but lacking in presentation.  Perhaps I had expected something more of a theory. Something more alike a scientific discussion in any case.

Kurzweil is undoubtedly a smart man, and often provides controversial views that gets debated and discussed. I have nothing against that discussion, or even the idea of a singularity, in many ways I was looking for the source of it. The original argument. However the book itself came across almost as a bad TED talk. A potentially interesting idea drowned in fluff. Pointless graphs, thick enough book but very thin on facts, even less novelty. I thought much of it was re-iterations of earlier accounts.

Perhaps that is just how it seemed to me? I did read it back in 2010, a few years after its publication.  Maybe The Singularity is Near has outlived its times, while still performing its intended purpose? Read it if you like, it may give you something.