Science, Technology, Research

At times I've dabbled in science, R&D. Sometimes I've made notes or written up what I've learned. This page is an attempt to collect these for convenience (as opposed to digging through the blog).

Algorithm-Human Performance Concerns - Digital Ethics Seminar Project
Project poster made for the 2018 Digital Ethics Seminar at Aalto University, Finland. A small review of governance approaches and different aspects of performance, fairness, and traceability.
Explanation/Update to 'Computer generated holograms from three dimensional meshes using an analytic light transport model'
This is an update with some explanations regarding a paper I published with some colleagues at the end of my Ph.D. Started out as a blog post prompted by an email asking for clarification.
Programming graphics for Sharp LL-151-3D parallax barrier auto stereoscopic screens
Back in 2008 I was working on digital holography research, and we thought it would be a cute idea to use a digital hologram as data source for a (then) pretty nifty auto-stereoscopic screen. Problem was that we couldn't find any data on how to drive the screen. I liked the puzzle of figuring out how to address it, and once I had time, a year or so later, wrote up this post in case it would help anybody.
NepidemiX G-S-A-L Animation
A quite low-quality animation I made in an attempt to visualize a particular disease model on a complex network. I should produce something better, one of these days.
Netlogo on clusters - splitting up nlogo BehaviorSpace experiments
Basically the blog post I made back in 2012 when I had hacked together some helper code for a set of NetLogo experiments. Likely not used, but couldn't decide where to put it when reorganizing the home page, so it ended up here.