How we became posthuman by N. Katherine Hayles

After I had recently posted some notes from the net to an essay about the transhumanist movement and later to the skepticism about not-quite-unrelated-yet-almost-orthogonal idea of super-intelligence, I recalled that the top three (out of the dozens of) unfinished posts for this web page relates to similar themes. The oldest is an own essay on […]

UAVs, regulations, and when a hobby goes mainstream

Well, news about “drone”- or Unmanned Areal Vehicles (UAVs) as they are better called (or even better, I guess UnBODIED Areal Vehicles; they are after all still mostly controlled by humans) is almost as common in 2015 as the devices themselves. Which is to say you see more of them in a day than a […]

Asteroid Day

Asteroid day was almost three weeks ago, and although I wore my B612 T-shirt to work, and probably made some social media observation about the day, I never wrote something longer. Mostly because I, like almost everyone else were slightly worried about everyday stuff. Not much, but enough for me to focus on other things […]

Wikipedia Essays

Two nights ago I had an idea. It was just before I fell asleep so naturally I had forgotten all about it the next morning. Last night however, just as I was about to turn off the reading light, the idea was there once again. This time I wrote it down. It went like this: […]

Hiding in the search results

A friend just mentioned a band I’ve never heard of. After typing their name into a search engine and seeing the long list of famous songs and a couple of computer games with the same name that ranked higher, it hit me that this may be the new hip. Let search result camouflage a name […]

A test of online courses

I have a bookmarked list of tens, if not hundreds, of video lectures from around the net. I’m intending to watch them. At some point. I’m not actually doing it, because – well I don’t know – I’m me I guess. There’s always stuff with deadlines skipping the line, no matter how interesting or well […]