LukasYou have reached the personal web page of Lukas Ahrenberg. Such things (personal web pages) were big once upon a time, before the rise of walled gardens. Of course, only egomaniacs would have a dedicated domain name for them. Typically the web address were that of a university followed by a tilde and username. That was a long time ago. Most of what I wrote back then, in the early days of WWW and browsers, is electronic dust, as lost in time and space as it is possible for anything in the 1990s to be. Perhaps it is for the best.

The stuff you’ll find here is from the middle blogging ages – the last half of the first decade of the second millennium – until present.

Which means that is is also a blog. Perhaps. Occasionally. There are some assorted book reviews, technical tips and tricks, and of course the mandatory well-it’s-been-a-while-since-I-posted-something-posts.

That’s about it. You can probably stop reading now and check out the different categories if you like.

Anyway (if you are still reading) nowadays most people are on different kinds of social media, with their mobile phones. Me too now and then, though sometimes in the stone age I wrote a tongue in cheek rationale why I am not of facebook. I’m still not, but of course the argument was not against facebook.

But, social media does interest me from a cybernetic perspective, but I won’t go in to that here. Too long, too much to say. In contrast to social media where most stuff is short, even if not to the point. No one rambles on any more, or if they do there are not enough readers for it. (Hey, I wrote something about that as well!)

Actually, a lot of things have interested me, and as you are still reading you probably wonder what those things are, and who I am. Well, I like to consider long term plans for humanity, and ethics, and mathematics, and science fiction. But also history. Philosophy. Games. Technology and the environment. The connection of silent reading and l33tsp34k. I could go on. Curiosity is my weakness and books my vice. I like to learn by tinkering. Physical and mental. I sometimes write, and I swim to stay sane.

To pay my bills I’ve done a mostly programming and research jobs, but also teaching. If I am cited for anyththing it usually my work in Computer Generated Holography. That was some time ago however.

Contact email: same address as this web page, but replace the dot between my first and last names with an ‘@’-sign.