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The following essay was written October-November 2010 and presented to a creative writing group in Vancouver, B.C. I have since then edited the piece to its current form. For printing reasons it is in PDF format: Print_this_document.pdf .L    

Readers and robots

Publishing, on this side of the digital divide, has become not only simple but automatic. Messages are copied from storage to storage. Everything is a printing press, and we are all writers – producers of texts. But then, what does it mean to be read? Write something and put it on-line. Within hours it has […]

Did you feel the Internet stop for a heartbeat?

Yesterday, the news spread on the Net, and it stopped a bit. Did you feel it? Posts in forums and on blogs; no not on those blogs, on the ones read by people who make this thing float: Gary Gygax has passed away. For a few seconds, the internet trolls was kept at bay, and […]

On Knol. Part 1

Google announced Knol a couple of weeks ago. It is an upcoming knowledge database, or encyclopedia, probably aiming to rival Wikipedia. Now, to start just a wikipedia clone would be futile, and Google knows this of course. Knol differs from Wikipedia on a few points though. The most important, or at least the most discussed, […]

Om namn och anställning

Såg på nyheterna i dag att en undersökning visat att folk med utländskt klingande namn ofta sorteras bort innan anställningsintervjuer och inte kontaktas för ofta. (Nyhetskälla: SVT.) Först och främst är det ju trist att det finns sådan diskriminering, och det skall bli intressant att se om forskarna bakom rapporten kan visa på några orsaker […]