Ecology and Society: Dual thinking for scientists

I was sent a link to a charming Feature in Ecology and Society today called Dual thinking for scientists. It is a quite nice argument for increasing the use of System I (‘intuitive’ thinking; see Kahneman’s Thinking Fast and Slow for instance) in Science. I think this makes an excellent point. Without arts and serendipity […]

Ariel Waldman » Adults Are The Future

Ariel Waldman » Adults Are The Future. – A very nice post about the importance of allowing adults to take part in science – at any level – and about not getting stuck in a role. Personally I think I was at my most limited in my views of myself and what I was supposed […]

Bhopal, Chernobyl, and AI over at io9

There is a quite interesting article on the perceived dangers of AI by James Barrat over at io9. I think it is worth a read. No because I agree with everything but because it is well written. Also because this discussion, which has been going on and brewing for a long time really took off […]

Ubiquity symposium: The technological singularity

To me, the singularity idea has much in common with the heat death—it looks inevitable on the surface, but surely it must suffer some hidden flaws in thinking or unacknowledged gaps in knowledge? That’s from Espen Andersen’s introduction to the Ubiquity symposium: The technological singularity. Good article questioning the straight road to the singularity without […]

Cyranoids (via Wired)

This post by Greg Miller on Wired science about cyranoids – after Cyrano De Bergrac: people who act like dummies, speaking lines fed to them by others – is really interesting. It highlights a recently published experiment by Kevin Cort and Alex Gillespie, where subjects (according to Wired, did not check the research article yet) […]