Control of an HIV epidemic among injection drug users: simulation modeling on complex networks

Alexander R. Rutherford, Bojan Ramadanović, Lukas Ahrenberg, Warren Michelow, Brandon D. L. Marshall, Will Small, Kathleen Deering, Julio S. G. Montaner, and Krisztina Vasarhelyi ACM Digital Library @inproceedings{Rutherford:2016:CHE: author = {Rutherford, Alexander R. and Ramadanovi\'{c}, Bojan and Ahrenberg, Lukas and Michelow, Warren and Marshall, Brandon D. L. and Small, Will and Deering, Kathleen and Montaner, […]

NepidemiX G-S-A-L Animation

A preliminary video visualizing a recent simulation I am working on for a project page. Originally posted over at vimeo, but nice as that site is, it currently does not support free formats (ogv, or webm for that matter) that can be played in Firefox on Linux without flash. Thus, I’m providing a version here […]

Sunday morning complexity

Wondering what to do with your Sunday? I know just the very thing: complexity! Nature Physics has an insights issue on the subject (vol. 8 no. 1), and I have heard that the articles are free of charge until February 1, 2012 (the Nature journals are unfortunately otherwise quite fond of paywalls). There’s quite a […]

Explanation/Update to ‘Computer generated holograms from three dimensional meshes using an analytic light transport model’

Update October 1, 2014 I’ve completely rewritten this post because it was extremely confusing. It was attempt to explain a section in the research article Computer generated holograms from three-dimensional meshes using an analytic light transport model  authored by myself and three colleagues (I’ll refer to it as the paper below). I am still getting the […]

Low memory distributed reconstruction of large digital holograms

Andrew J. Page, Lukas Ahrenberg, and Thomas J. Naughton, Optics Express, Vol. 16, Issue 3 .pdf @article{Page:2008:LMD, author = {Andrew J. Page and Lukas Ahrenberg and Thomas J. Naughton}, journal = {Opt. Express}, keywords = {Digital image processing; Digital holography}, number = {3}, pages = {1990–1995}, publisher = {OSA}, title = {Low memory distributed reconstruction […]